Samsung TV Setup for Smart DNS Proxy

Samsung Smart TV Smart DNS Proxy Settings

Following setup instructions are only needed one time. Once you finish the initial setup, you won't be needing to take the same steps again. Your connection will work automatically *anytime!

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On some Samsung Smart TV devices unfortunately BBC iPlayer will not work. Samsung locks down various apps by the TV model number. So for example the model numbers out of UK can not use BBC iPlayer. Also the same case with VUDU. It's not available in the apps out of US tv models. You may be able to download the apps but they won't stream/work.

We are very sorry but hence it's a hardware limitation by Samsung itself, there isn't much we can do about it.

1. Press Menu on your Samsung Smart TV remote.

2. From this settings menu  Scroll Down to  Network.

3. Select Network Settings.

4. Your TV or Blue-ray player will show you how it's connected to the internet.  Press Start.

5. Select Your Internet Connection. If you select Wireless network and make sure to enter your correct wireless password to connect.

6. Your device will show that it's tested and connected to the internet properly. Now  Select IP Settings.

7. Scroll Down to the  DNS Settings and enter  Smart DNS Proxy Servers IP from following and  Press OK. Select the server IP closest to your physical location:

The list of IP addresses of our DNS severs can be found on our DNS Server List here:

8. It will test the connection. Press Next to save the settings and exit the menu.

Now restart your TV and it will start using Smart DNS Proxy.

* Remember whenever your TV/Router IP changes, our service will stop working for you. You will need to LOG INTO Smart DNS Proxy so that our system could check your IP address and add your new IP to our database. Then you will be able to continue using our service.

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