VPN Setup for iOS : IKEv1

Set up IKEv1 on OSX

Note: We recommended to use IKEv2 if it possible

1. Click on System Preferences and then click on Network.

2. Click on "+".

3. Select VPN in the dropdown menu Interface and Cisco IPSec as VPN Type. Set the Service Name to VPN (Cisco IPSec) - NL and afterwards click on "Create".

4. Enter server address as the address of our VPN server that you want to connect (Click here to find our VPN Server List), your username as your Smart DNS Proxy VPN Account Username and password, tick Show VPN status in menu bar. Afterwards click on Authentication Settings.

5. Enter s3CuREpaSs412 as Shared Secret. Then click on OK.

6. Click on Apply. To establish a VPN connection click on Connect.

7. If connection has been successfully established, the status is shown in the menu bar. You can manage your VPN connection in the network settings. Verify public IP on www.whatismyipaddress.com

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