How to Signup HBONOW Outside the USA

In this article, we have some tips about signing up for HBO NOW service from outside the USA. To start, you will need a US iTunes account. Following, we will give you information about how to create our iTunes account.

You may either use your existing iTunes account and change it to the US account or create a new iTunes account. The key here is to purchase a US iTunes gift card so that you can pay for the HBO NOW subscription.

  1. Purchase a US iTunes gift card. You can use this site or search on google or eBay.
  2. Open iTunes on your computer
  3. Once logged in, click your name in the top right and select "redeem"
  4. Enter the gift card code
  5. Your account will change to a US account and you will need to enter US billing data. You can use to get a US address.


For troubleshooting, you should always restart device(s) and routers first. Then check your account status in your account home. You should always see 3 green ticks in your account dashboard. Also, make sure to have your subscription active.

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