How to change credit card details?

Smart DNS Proxy uses "Stripe" service for credit card processing. So we don't keep any credit card or other personal details of our users in our database!

How to change credit card details?

Cancel your subscription and re-create a new subscription with the new credit card.

This is a simple way. You can log in to your Smart DNS Proxy > MyAccount > Profile > Subscription Information. If I show as Active with Subscription, then open a support ticket through our 24/7 live support team here:

Our team will cancel your subscription. Usually, it can take up to two business days to get processed on our end.

Once your subscription is canceled, up to 15 days before your subscription ends, you can log in to your Smart DNS Proxy > MyAccount > Profile > Subscription information again and CREATE A NEW SUBSCRIPTION with your NEW CREDIT CARD. Unfortunately, due to security purposes, it's not possible to create a new subscription before 15 days of your expiration time.

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